PasteCopy NET

Streamline repetitive tasks with this clipboard manager


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Copying and pasting are two common actions you probably repeat dozens of times per day. On many occasions the snippet copied to the clipboard is one you’ve used before or one that gets repeated frequently.

PasteCopy NET is a tool to increase your productivity by using your computer to expand your clipboard's capacity.

PasteCopy NET uses a tree view to split the snippets you copy into categories. The number the program adds on the left side indicates the number of characters in the text.

To grab a snippet from PasteCopy NET you just have to go to the program's interface, select your text, and then paste it wherever you want. That's it. Configuring the PasteCopy NET window so it's always visible makes the program work more smoothly.

PasteCopy NET requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0


- German and Italian translations have been added
- Function for converting RTF to TXT has been added
- Improvements to graphic interface

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